What Every Homeowner Should Know About Plumbing

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Know the location of the main water shut-off valve; it’s usually by the water meter. Also know where additional shut-off valves are for your water heater, water softener, clothes washer, dishwasher and all kitchen and bathroom sinks. Test those shut-off valves once each year to make sure they operate properly.

If you notice dripping water from any faucet or valve, it may keep your pipes from freezing short-term but have it repaired in the Spring. This not only saves water but also insures the correct operation of your water softener. If you hear a toilet “running” have it repaired or replaced for the same reason.

Purchase plumbing fixtures and faucets from a plumbing contractor who backs up the manufacturer’s warranty and provides his own warranty for workmanship. The average life expectancy for a water heater and water softener is 15 – 20 years The life expectancy for a garbage disposer…

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