What Is Hard Water?

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The elements that generally cause hard water are calcium and magnesium. They often show up in the form of a green and white build-up on faucets or spots on dishes from the dishwasher. While some people claim to dislike soft water and feel they can endure without a water softener, your water heater, hot water pipes and plumbing fixtures do not have the same type of endurance. Replacing these items can be very costly and the main objective of a water softening system is to preserve the life expectancy of your home’s plumbing system.

Of course, there are other benefits to having soft water. Soft water rinses cleaner from your hair, skin and clothes, minimizing unwanted residue. You’ll use less soap for washing dishes, laundry and bathing as most soaps are made for use in soft water and lather much more quickly.

Maintenance of a water softening system…

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