11 Ways to Roll With Wallpaper All Over the Home

Orson Klender, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

Ditch the misconceptions and latch on to some great ideas for decorating your walls with patterned, textural and colorful wallpaper.

I meet a lot of people who have reservations about wallpaper. Two of the most common questions I’m asked are: “Isn’t wallpaper out of fashion?” and “Isn’t wallpaper a lot of maintenance?”

My stock answer: no, actually it’s just the opposite. Wallpaper is very much in fashion, and I think it always will be. Additionally, in most cases it’s easier to clean than painted walls. Proper installation by a professional wallpaper hanger and a high-quality paper are key.

Wallpaper is a wonderful design tool. I use it for almost every project: bathrooms, bedrooms, stairs, kitchens and cabinets. Name a flat surface; I’ve probably papered it. Here are some creative applications of wallpaper by talented Houzz designers. Consider one of these for your own home…

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