Make Home Sweet Home Even Sweeter With a Brewery Or Winery

Make Home Sweet Home Even Sweeter With a Brewery Or Winery

New high-tech products make small-scale home beer and wine production easy and fun

Anyone can make beer and wine. In fact, people have been brewing beer for at least 7,000 years and making wine for even longer.

In the ancient world, beer and wine were daily beverages for aristocrats and indispensable components of religious ceremonies. Before the industrial revolution, both were routinely made in European homes and monasteries.

Centuries and millennia ago, the process of fermenting grain and grapes was done without any of the things considered necessary today — without isolated yeast, sterilization, thermometers or even the knowledge that yeast and other fermenting microorganisms existed.

All that was required was a lot of patience, practice, knowledge and luck.

Since industrialization, it has become possible to totally control every aspect of production, often using computer controls and a variety of sensors that tell the beer- or wine-makers about temperature, acidity, sugar levels and other useful information.

As a result, our standards for beer and wine safety, purity, variety and quality have gone way up.

An underground enthusiast community of home-brew fans and, in recent years, home wine-making nerds, has sprung up. Their methods tend to lie somewhere between the computer-controlled, high-tech methods of the major industrial producers and the European monks who relied on their hard-won skill, magic mixing spoons and plenty of prayer.

In recent years, a tiny new category of products has emerged that lets you run a very high-tech brewery or winery in your home.

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