What Really Influences Your Credit Score?

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Your credit report is essentially your financial report card. It serves as a way for banks, insurance and lending companies to gauge your credit-worthiness and whether you’re likely to miss payments or default on a loan. It’s also common for landlords, employers and government agencies to check your credit before approving an application or confirming a transaction.

But, do you know where the information on your credit report comes from and how it impacts your overall credit score? It might help to know the next time you’re tempted to take out another credit card or just pay the minimum on your balance.

Here are the five most important things that make up your credit score:

Payment history: 31 percent

Paying your bills on time helps you avoid late fees and also helps your credit score. A good payment history shows lenders you have a record of paying on time. And…

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  1. I mostly support the concepts of the writer. Nicely spoken and planned out views without a doubt.
    “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”
    Seneca (4-65);
    Roman Statesman, Philosopher


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