Buying a New Home? Then, Hire a Building Inspector…..

Paul Simpson - Real Estate

termite-inspection-five-places-you-shouldnt-overlook_50291c7574a44Why?  Well, large scale home builders profits rise in direct proportion to speed of which their homes are completed.  Generally speaking, home builders incentive sub-contractors to finish on-time and penalize them when they do not.  Corners are cut in an effort to maintain the all important schedule. Unfortunately, the builder cannot watch every sub-contractor at every single stage of the build.

Hiring an independent building inspector will give an extra set of eyes and make sure your interest is represented.  They have expertise and will recognize defficiencies.  Plus, they are very affordable and pay for themselves many times over.

I had a friend who bought a newly contructed home just a over year ago. And, at my request , she hired a highly respected building inspector.  During the roof inspection, the inspector noticed much of the roof insulation had fallen during a wind storm.  He took some pictures and decided…

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  1. Great infographics! I totally agree with this. Hiring a professional inspector is the surest way that you can get a house that is in its best condition. Or at least you would know that the house is worth the price. Thanks!


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