Easy flea-market style: bird houses, feeders, and crafts

Fun weekend bird crafts –

a. vintage, galvanized, trashcan lid tied to a railing is sturdy and handsome bird feeder, photographed by Stephie McCarthy.
b. candy dish joined with a candlestick holder, photographed by Jacqui Rogers, holds water or seeds for birds (GE Silicon II is available from our store for projects like these). Embellish with a hanging wire and colorful beads.
c. You’re invited to a house painting party! With your favorite palette of paint colors in acrylic, and whimsical wood bird houses from a hobby shop, an instant collection and garden memories can be yours for a few hours with a paintbrush. When dry, varnish, antique, and mount as a group in your garden for visual impact—a great idea photographed by Sue Langley.
d. a fun birdhouse from a vintage a copper teakettle was made super-quick with tin snips, photographed by Jennifer MacNeill Traylor. Be sure to provide shade for metal bird houses so that they will stay cool in summer.
e. collect bright glass objects, marbles, and pebbles to decorate your water features, and you will be sure to attract new feathered friends—photographed by Sue Langley.

Courtesy Of
Flea Market Gardening


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