Pat Pendley’s Get to Know Oregon Blog Volume # 15 Multnomah Falls

Traveling the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon is always a pleasure, and one place in particular draws visitors again and again. Multnomah Falls, east of Portland, Oregon on Columbia River Gorge Scenic Highway, offers RV campers the chance to see nature at its best.

Witnessing this six-story waterfall for yourself also acquaints you with the Gorge that divides the Cascade Mountains and brings you within easy driving distance of numerous other memorable sights. Larch Mountain is home to Multnomah Falls, but Mount Hood and the powerful Columbia River are also gems along this historic highway.

What makes Multnomah Falls so memorable? This spring-fed waterfall crashes down the rocky face of Larch Mountain in two dramatic tiers, past pine trees and enormous boulders and into a sparkling pool. Being able to stand on beautiful Benson Bridge, right where the first tier splashes dramatically over a rocky ledge, allows visitors an upfront and personal experience with this natural wonder.

Hardy RV travelers will want to take advantage of at least one of the hiking trails that abound in the area. Hike approximately one mile to reach the top of Multnomah Falls for a view you won’t soon forget. There are also more strenuous trails, such as the loop up to Wahkeena Springs, Fairy Falls, Larch Mountain, and other fascinating examples of Oregon’s natural beauty. Everyone should allow themselves the joy of walking through the rock-strewn forests, cooled by the mist of nearby waterfalls.

Depending on your starting point, you’ll enjoy the sights leading up to Multnomah Falls in different order. When making the trip to Multnomah from the west along Columbia River Gorge Scenic Highway, you’ll pass through beautiful Hood River, Oregon and then past the Bonneville Dam and Cascade Locks. Always in the view of the mighty Columbia River, you’ll have the chance to stop and enjoy Horsetail and Oneonta Falls before reaching majestic Multnomah Falls.

If you’re coming west from Portland, watch for historic Crown Point Overlook Vista House, high on a bluff above the highway. Even from the road, you just might catch a glimpse of Bridal Veil, Latourell or Sheppards Dell Falls, high up on the mountain face. No matter which route you take, the opportunities for spectacular vacation photos and memories abound through every window of your RV.

Once reaching Multnomah Falls, you’ll soon be captivated by the picturesque lodge and stone bridge that have greeted visitors since the early 1900s. They’re just two more reasons millions of visitors make the drive to visit Multnomah for themselves. Nothing, however, compares with the sight of icy water rushing more than six hundred feet toward the base of the mountain.

Why not make Multnomah Falls your next RV vacation destination? There are few places in America to see so much beauty within such a short distance. Comfortable RV campgrounds abound in the area, many within view of the Columbia River, making this an easy choice for motorhome travelers.

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